Breathing a new life is directly related to the interior of the living room but Decorating Fright is due to the blast of a budget. Do you really want a festive and luminous look for your inky living room in a low budget? Statistically, it is proved that heavy structural changes can dip you in the money. On the other hand, only a little effort can be the reason of an alluring nest.

It is analyzed that one can reinvigorate the space without killing the wallet. Choosing appropriate colours and simple tricks can drag the poorly lit room towards a spacious and bright.

So, HOLACIA worked for turning “HOW!!!!” into, “WOW!!!!”……

It is observed from different sources that by giving a fresh white brush to the ceiling, one can get rid of the darkness of the place. Light-coloured paints, fixtures and accessories can convert the cave into a captivating space.

Do you like bright colours for your spot?

It is experienced that saturated colours, at one side, give a gloomy effect and on the other hand add liveliness to the space. So, amalgamation supplies festivity of mood. Colours act like supplements for natural lights. One should use it thoughtfully and wisely.

Do you think mirror can also be the source of brightness to your space?

According to the snippet of the research, mirror placement amazingly helps to brighten up the place. One should double the amount of sunlight by arranging an array of small mirrors. Brightening of staircase with mirror is an economic way which overcomes the fear of spending plenty of money.

Did you ever experience glossy walls?

Almost 61% people prefer glossy wall to enhance beauty even though it doesn’t reflect light. Matte look extends a hand to catch the light from all directions so one must go for it if desiring for luminosity.

It is also experienced that track lights, fluorescent tubes, pendent lights and floor lamp with light colours are the sources of defusing the light. But it is suggested to use these thoughtfully according to the place.

Do you think that loud-coloured accessories are also adding up to darken your den?

Loud interior of the Living room creates a dramatic mood. Placement of accessories has plethora of styles. And it has proved that one can travel through drab to fab by choosing a sensible way of arranging the furniture, selecting light-coloured cushions and curtains, wall hangings and even plants if have.

So, would you like to have a look for your nest with a festive mood? Are you going to restyle or revamp the provided space? And do you agree that the above suggestions are the economic ways to breathe a life? Leave your answer in the comments bar and in the meantime sleep tight…..

DATE: Feb 6, 2018
AUTHOR: admin

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