Do you ever being offered Solo Adventures?

Solo Adventures are the vital and unique snippet of tourism. It comes through a research that 2017 has been appointed as “The International year of sustainable tourism”. Solo Adventures, a kind of trendy tourism, boost and promote sustainable tourism.

When it comes to travel, it always comes down to the adventures. Travelers, nowadays, are bold and independent. They are looking for raw experiences to relish their tours. Monotony is no more!!!! Stereotype adventures have no attraction for the tourists. They have their own unique and quirky kind of taste of spending vacations and free-days.

HOLACIA is helping to explore the new trends and tastes in tourism. Unfashionable and exhausted adventures are being departed now. Solo Adventures have become an emerging trend everywhere in the West. And the HOLACIANS have noticed and experienced even.

Adventure Activities console your mind and heart……

Almost 83% of the tourists in Pakistan are tuned to confined tours. Latest travel behaviors have evolved the whole trend of tourism, doesn’t it? Instead of travelling in a group and mere watching the greenery and nature, they are now more fascinated to hiking and cycling kind of activities which are the stand out choices for the travelers nowadays. They are more spellbound for Safaris adventures. So, it is experienced that thrilling and delighted activities are solitary and flexible in their nature as compared to the destined journey.

An Adventure designed, according the needs of the Explorer…..

It has been scrutinized that moving in the clusters don’t allow individual savor. As modern era is the age of machinery and people are getting sick of continuous numbing. They are rushing towards remote and solo places to get the serenity and reconciliation of mind and heart. Isn’t it more tempting for them to take trips designed to their needs? Yes, more attraction is towards the fulfillment of the individual requirements.


Almost every tourism company offers tourism packages including fares, food and hotel arrangements. Statistically, it is about 96% companies having brochures and details of the same kind. But when we talk about real adventures, it isn’t bound at all. One must have real food in real surroundings and the stuff like that to live that specific place ensuring the safety. Expensive food and shelter isn’t the part of real adventure.

Solo Adventures and Trendy Tourism has increased number of tourists. And this number is going to increase in the next few years.

Do you agree with the Solo Adventures? Do you really think that they are the real enjoyments? If you think it’s a refreshing pause then come up with more suggestions and do share your comments about SOLO ADVENTURES……….

DATE: Feb 6, 2018
AUTHOR: admin

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