Kitchen is a frequently busy spot of any home or office. A research based on the latest trends in kitchen decor was conducted to get the view and experiences of the users. When we see kitchen interior of previous years we found it a simple, narrow space only to cook instead to sit and dine. Kitchen in 21st century is a place to gossip even for family friends unlike notoriously messy as in the traditional ways. These are, nowadays, a serious concern as compared to the last days. Some of the trends are shared after conducted an observational report.


A report shares that most of the interior design companies aren’t working for western style kitchens, moreover, their focus is more on living rooms and other front areas. Working for kitchen interior isn’t their goal. When it comes to comfort while cooking or kitchen gossip, it surely comes with the idea of comfy squads instead of dinning chairs and stools. It’s an emerging trend in kitchen interior.


A survey report says that kitchen cabinets are a focal point for the designers. Quality construction for custom cabinets is the only task which needs to be considered most, but on the contrary, kitchen wall decor is the aspect which is ignored by the most of designers. Decorative wall papers and marbles are the latest trend, so it is recommended to pay heed on the walls too.



Most of the designers don’t bother the work-flow of the kitchen which effects the routine functions in the space. It is recommended to incorporate kitchen appliances in a tricky way to work with a flow. Sinks and stoves must be in a position to connect. Similarly, with electric appliances, one shouldn’t go out of the box to get in touch with those. Kitchen space should be managed in a unique and approachable way.

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DATE: Feb 6, 2018
AUTHOR: admin

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